Mail Call!

Another small order from Aromaleigh arrived Saturday; look at all that crackglitter.

Aromaleigh (02/12/10) Aromaleigh (02/12/10) Aromaleigh (02/12/10) Aromaleigh (02/12/10)


~ by shatteredshards on February 22, 2010.

6 Responses to “Mail Call!”

  1. Aromaleigh glitters are my favorites they’re really fine and if they get in your eye it doesn’t scratch or sting like other ones. They work amazingly well with Pixie Epoxy. The deep almost navy blue glitter is really sexy.

  2. Shit, I want some glitter… I don’t have any. Seriously.

  3. *grabby hands*

    Do you ever want to just roll around in all of it? XD I want to fill a bathtub with gold glitter and eyeshadow and just immerse myself

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