Mail Call!

This arrived on Tuesday.

Aromaleigh (03/11/10)

Aromaleigh (03/11/10)

Aromaleigh (03/11/10)

When I found out that Miss K made up last batches of the out of stock lipbalms so that people had a chance to stock up on their favorites after the discontinuation announcement, I jumped to order. Key Lime Pie is my favorite, and now these are stashed away in my freezer until I get through my current tube (‘Down Under Healing).

On a sidenote, I wish to shake my fist at the telephone company; next time, please warn us in advance that we’re going to lose our line (and our DSL along with it) for an undetermined number of days. You were already working on replacing the cable in the area when I called, so obviously it wasn’t a crazy random happenstance.


~ by shatteredshards on March 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “Mail Call!”

  1. Coincidentally, I actually tried Key Lime Pie for the first time last night :D

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