TheSheSpace Update (aka How to Scam Your Customers)

I am not a fan of TheSheSpace/About Face, and I am fairly vocal about my reasons, but this takes the cake.

Since Heather announced she was closing up shop, customer service has gotten consistently horrible. Some people find themselves waiting for months for their order (ala Archetype), some find their emails and contacts being ignored, and some have even been missing things from their order, with no explanation and no refund (as Heather claims she will do on the website if an item is out of stock).

But now orders are arriving with jars half-filled, or worse yet, in those little 3 gram domed-bottom jars that other companies use for samples, instead of the full-size 5 gram jars everyone is expecting.

TheSheSpace Size Scam

TheSheSpace Size Scam 2

No mention whatsoever of the jars being downsized, but the second one goes so far as to actually specify “full size jars.”

I wish I were making this up.

Edit: I am rather tired of people telling me I am mistaken on the 3 gram/5 gram jar size issue or whether TSS full-size jars have sifters or not. Heather herself announced a change to 5 gram jars that was supposed to start in January of this year. Coincidentally, the same announcement confirms that she was planning to start adding sifters and that was why the jars were going to 5 gram, to allow for the sifters, which she was adding on customer request.

TheSheSpace Size Scam 3


~ by shatteredshards on March 21, 2010.

12 Responses to “TheSheSpace Update (aka How to Scam Your Customers)”

  1. Heather’s full size has always been a 3 gram jar without sifter so don’t know where you’re getting the info that people are being shafted. As for customer service – most people seem pretty happy with what they’re getting which is a wonderful product.

    • 1. I’ve seen comparison photos of the 3 gram jars, and I’ve seen reviews of the company where not a single jar came with a sifter, so ovbiously it “hasn’t always been” like that.

      2. Heather can, and does, moderate her forums. I have seen her delete the complaints. She has no pull on other, more popular makeup forums, where I’ve been seeing complaint after complaint.

      3. I’ve shopped with TSS before. I gave most of what I ordered away because I was disappointed in the quality. Even the shadows that I got from Taylor Made, which I’ve pretty much outted as a repacker, are better quality.

  2. That’s a shame… I recently cleaned out my makeup drawers, and most of the colors I gave away to friends were from TSS. Too bad about everything.

  3. That is just disgusting >=| it’s like she’s taking customer service lessons from Archetype.

  4. After ordering and being REALLY dissapointed with the majority of the shadows, I found that I have 15 out of the 40 I ordered that are useable. The rest I completely wasted my money and time on.

  5. I must say they selling a full size now really long in 3gram jars and not more in 5g jars.
    And for example – when you thinking about that other companys selling Full Sizes to a double price is that a really good price. Beside the shipping is low too. I am now a TSS customer for more than a year- the shipping is really slowly, but! Heather is excellent about customer service, when with my order was something wrong, they fixed the problem to they costs (!). When my order a long time not arrived, they gave me the USPS code and in every case the order still arrived.
    I use mineral makeup approximately 3 years. I tryed Aromaleigh, Fyrinnae, Sweetscents and other brands but I always return to TSS. The quality is by the Velvet collection really poor, but with Horoscope, Regular and Limited Editions have I just positive experiences..

    Oh and about this, that they not send a response when somebody contact they- I send every time two identical emails, because i read that Heather sometimes have trouble with that. So with this double email i got everytime a answer ;) oh and I ordered many many many times (I ordered for my frieds too, so I made enormously numbers of orders)

    Im sorry for my BAD Engish :/ I hope my experience helps.

    • I know some people do have nothing but good experiences with her, but mine was rather crappy, and in regards to the product itself, my order included multiple limited editions and Horoscope colors, and yet I found the quality extremely disappointing. Honestly, having ordered from Fyrinnae and Aromaleigh (and I’ve ordered from Aromaleigh for years), I don’t understand how someone could find TSS shadows to be of higher/better quality. From all of the mmu and indie makeup companies I have shopped with, the only one whose quality was lower than TSS for me was Pure Luxe, and they’re a known repacker.

  6. I’ve ordered from TSS for a year and stopped. First because I’ve had enough colors, samples or not. However, I’ve rarely reached for her stuff-why? I’ve found many other companies’ colors to be more complex and well formulated. I felt like I did waste money on her, but I’m not blaming anybody but me. Her colors are cut with either titanium dioxide or clay, powdery and smoothed down to sheerness.

    I definitely respect TSS fans’ opinions. However, the first commentor, please know your fact! Heather announced she would change the jar back in December. (from Sparkle’
    s post/screenshots) I thought she already sold “all” her 3 gram jars. Unspoken truth and let customers use their assumption is a rather sneaky practice of business. I love Morgana too.

  7. I ordered 5 FS jars (I wasn’t aware those are 3g jars until I received them, I haven’t seen that information anywhere on her site and I was reading all her announcements) and 3 sample baggies and to tell you the truth – I wasn’t impressed with those pigments. Half of the colors I got are totally different than what they look like on her site. But, I haven’t tried them yet and I don’t know how do they apply, will see that soon. :)

    And of course, I waited for 45 days to receive them and she also lied about my order being sent before than it actually has been (for some reason she forgot I’ll see the date on the stamp).

    Anyway, my 1st and last order from TSS. :/

    • I wish I could say your case is the first time I’ve heard about her lying about shipping dates, and saying orders have been mailed out when they weren’t.

      I was never impressed by anything I ordered from her myself, and that was 40+ different shades.

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