The Sephora Problem

When a smaller, indie company treats us poorly, we tend to avoid doing business with that company, even after just one bad experience. Why is it that when a large company doesn’t value our business, we keep running back?

I have had bad experience after bad experience with Sephora over the years, mostly amounting to complete lack of customer service at my local store (there’s nothing like being completely ignored by all employees on the floor when the store is virtually empty), but it was so easy to walk in and browse when I was already at the mall. Only recently did I start having a more positive experience after I explained, in detail, how poor the customer service is at my local store via the standard online after-purchase survey. I thought things were turning around, and I was feeling better about shopping there.

At my last visit, I came across some eyeliner pencils I hadn’t seen before, the Sephora Nano pencils. They’re smaller, like the mini Urban Decay 24/7s that come in sets, come in quite a few colors (greens and blues, yay!), and are a relatively small investment at $5 each. They seemed just perfect for someone like me, someone who loves playing with color but doesn’t get to wear makeup often and probably won’t ever use up a full-size green eyeliner pencil.

One problem: there were no ingredient listings on the pencils.

Or the display.

Or when a couple employees went looking for me.

With my petroleum allergy it is extremely important I confirm I’m not painting mineral oil around my eyes before I find out the hard way – via burning hives and blistering. So I thought I’d contact their customer service via the website contact form. The page states they will respond “within 24-48 hours,” so I figured, why not? And on March 1st, I fired off an email.

Two days came and went. Two weeks came and went.

I searched my inbox, my spam folders, everywhere. I was still getting Beauty Insider emails though, so maybe it was something else. I wondered if I had typed the wrong email address.

On March 20th, I visited the contact page, intent on sending another email. My email address auto-filled from Firefox thanks to my previous visit to the contact page, and it came up correct, to my concern; that meant that my first email had been ignored. I sent another message.

Then I waited. A week. And received nothing. Again.

I sent this message on March 26th around 9:10pm (GMT-5), with a different email provider for my contact information:

I am requesting a copy of the ingredients lists for the Sephora Nano Eyeliner Pencils. I have requested the ingredients previously, but I unsure if they were filtered out by my spam filter as I have not received a response. Thank you.

Unfortunately, listening to someone prattle off a number of chemicals over the phone eliminates the possibility of using Sephora’s 1-877 number, and calling said number to ask someone to email me seems redundant.

Also unfortunate: it’s March 31st and I still haven’t received any response.


~ by shatteredshards on March 31, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Sephora Problem”

  1. Sounds like MAC Australia, they have a counter listed on their site that doesnt exist anymore, and it took them a couple of months to even give me a canned response, and the counter is STILL listed under store locations.

    And I sent them an email regarding a B2M question months ago and theyve still not replied. I havent even gotten a generic canned response >_>

  2. I would love for you to hear about how they treat their employees. You would NEVER want to shop there again. It is HORRIBLE. Trust me, I worked there for over a year.

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