I Asked…I Answered: Week 1

Remember, the BBChallenge is open to new participants until Saturday (January 8th)! Please click here for details.

Why did you start blogging about beauty? Do you think you would have blogged about other topics if you hadn’t started beauty blogging? Were you already blogging something else when you started?

I had already been blogging about everyday life sort of things for years, first on a couple of blogging sites, and then through a self-hosted WordPress blog on one of my old websites. However, I had decided to shut down the website I had at the time (karma points if you remember ShatteredShardsOfMe.net) only a few months prior to opening this blog, because I felt like aimlessly blabbing about my life was pointless to everyone but myself, and even I was twisting my own arm into doing it by that point.

I saw beauty blogging as a multi-faceted opportunity; I’d be making some sort of contribution, how ever small it wound up being, plus it would give me some focus in my online activities (I am notorious for wasting hours browsing Wiki, among other things) as well as push me to improve upon my minimal eye makeup skills. I had hit a point where I rarely bothered with makeup, mostly because my employer at the time had a strict dress code, so the easiest way for me to follow it was to not do my makeup at all. Blogging gave me some inspiration to have fun with it once in awhile, even if it only ended up being on a couple random days off each month.


~ by shatteredshards on January 4, 2011.

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