e.l.f. Brush Update

Happy hump day everyone! Since it’s been some time since my original review of e.l.f. Studio brushes, and my review was based only on first impressions, I thought I’d add a review update.

Small angled brush: the brush width (thickness) is a bit more than I expected. However, it’s turned out to work great for adding cake liner to my top waterline to fill in the mascara gap. That’s pretty much all I use this brush for, and I’m still happy I bought it.

Contour brush: I really liked this brush at first, but I can’t seem to fully get the hang of it. It makes shading the crease very easy, just it shades too thick/strong for my liking. I plan on contacting e.l.f. with a request for a “mini contour” with a smaller brush head.

Small precision brush: this brush is awesome. It’s perfect for doing small sections of the lid, like the inner corner, and it packs the shadow on well. I’ve ordered more of these, both for use with concealer and for use with eye shadow.

Powder brush: I haven’t used this. At all. I just can’t get the hang of it, whether it’s because I’m not used to flat-top brushes or I’m too used to a kabuki, I don’t know. I’m keeping it on hand, just in case, because I don’t see harm in keeping a low-priced face brush, but I probably wouldn’t have bought this brush in the first place, had I known.

Fan brush: the curved bristles on the sides have almost completely straightened themselves out, just by keeping the brush upright and away from other brushes. It works exactly like I expected it to; all I use it for is dusting off fallout from below my eyes.

Concealer brush: this is still my everyday concealer brush. I switched back to patting my concealer with my fingertip, but it works great for my undereye concealer, which is a powder. I seem to wear a sort of point into my concealer brushes with use somehow, so I’ve ordered another one of these. When my concealer application changes (I tend to switch back and forth between methods and products, when I get frustrated with how one works), I will be using it for face concealer along with the spare small precision brush.

Keep an eye out for my LashBlastFusion review, coming later this week. I pitted it against Volume, and yes, there are photos.


~ by shatteredshards on January 5, 2011.

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