Sephora, What Is Your Problem?

Sephora and I have a long history of mutual hate. In March of last year, I started sharing my bad experiences here, which continued in April. Somewhere between the robot response in April and the crap eyeliners I bought in June, I called Sephora’s 1-877 number and straight-out told the customer service agent that I wanted my Beauty Insider account closed and promptly cut my card up. I unsubscribed my email address multiple times after that, because I continued to receive emails from Sephora past the stated grace period.

In October I received a card about my free Beauty Insider birthday gift. I tossed the card in the recycling, figuring there was just some glitch in the system.

Apparently there was just a glitch in the customer service agent.

Sephora Fail Email

I received that yesterday morning. At this point, I’m struggling to not make comparisons between Sephora and venereal diseases.

In June, I said I would not be shopping there again. Now it’s January, and I am literally adding Sephora to my “Companies I Avoid” list. A business so incompetent certainly doesn’t deserve any endorsement.


~ by shatteredshards on January 8, 2011.

One Response to “Sephora, What Is Your Problem?”

  1. My experience with Sephora is different than yours, but still not exactly good. I’ve only been inside a Sephora once, I was just curious and just walked around looking at everything with no real intention to buy. (Just before Christmas and needed that money for the kids presents.) I couldn’t take two steps without a SA asking to help me. Do SAs take some sort of classes where they learn to ignore the people who actually need help but annoy the hell out of the ones who just want to browse and be ignored?

    When they sent out that $15 off of a $40 purchase, and I found out that there was a glitch so that you could buy something less than $40, I jumped at the chance. I bought the Sephora Collection Color Diary for about $15. I think I got value for my money. My complaints are that it was badly packaged. I expected bubble wrap or something similar to protect the palette. It was packed with a bit of scrunched up paper, that’s it. It’s just sheer luck that my package isn’t the one they decided to play soccer with at UPS that day. (My husband works for UPS and has seen them throw packages onto conveyor belts, trucks, etc.)

    And it was missing two of my free samples but included one sample that I didn’t order. This wasn’t a big deal, since I was so happy to get that set of palettes for so cheap, but still, it’s weird since that’s such a big thing on the website. Plastered all over GET 3 FREE SAMPLES WITH EVERY ORDER! YOU CHOOSE YOUR SAMPLES! Not so much, I guess.

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