I Asked…I Answered: Week 3

What is your blogging environment? Do you sit on the couch with your laptop after the kids have gone to bed, or do you lock yourself in your home office? Do you listen to music, watch tv, or multitask while you blog? Extra credit: share a photo (or five) of your environment.

The blogging itself takes place at my desk. Generally I am multitasking on some level; usually I’m resizing and cropping images for my blog while I write something up, or working on multiple updates at once. I listen to music about half the time, depending on my mood, and may bask in my monitor’s glow while writing at 3:17am.

I have, however, gone so far as to have 20 different tabs open in Firefox and be doing crazy things like streaming tv shows in the middle of writing an update. I’m a bit like an attention-deficient squirrel on PCP when I’m in front of the computer. (We won’t discuss the fact that I’ll never be an adult.)

The dirty work, like swatching, usually happens at my desk as well, but I’ll move to a window to get sunlight photos. Other photos tend to be taken wherever I can find sufficient lighting…which, half the time, ends up being at my desk.

My Desk Jan 2011

This is the current (and temporary) setup; moving is a pain in the tuckus. I was unable to take my previous desk (photos are scattered amongst old updates), which I liked, with me when I moved, but luckily this one was left at the house so I had something to use.

The wallpaper is a self-mod of a Carina Nebula photo; the original can be found on NASA’s website. I assure you, I don’t sit around staring at tie-dye.


~ by shatteredshards on January 21, 2011.

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