AKA What the Crap?

A few weeks ago I posted a rant about cosmetic safety, in response to Heather’s Icky Etsy Enterprises post. Then, last week, Ana added some thoughts on the matter in her weekly mishmash update, including a note that she had contacted Caustic Cadets with her concerns.

Fast forward to yesterday, when Ana posted that Caustic Cadets had finally responded to her inquiry about the safety of their glow in the dark eyeliner and UV eyeshadows. Not only that, but Caustic Cadets removed all UV/glow stuff from their Etsy shop, claiming bad sources and misinformation on FDA regulations.

Except for the fact that it was all still available for sale in the other online shop outside of Etsy. Until I commented to Ana pointing it out, at least, then both shops suddenly went on hiatus and inventory was made unavailable.

Combine that with the fact that the glow eyeliner had a disclaimer on it, talking about people questioning its safety and legality (see my screencap here) and the comments left by other people claiming that either their FDA approval questions went completely ignored or that, when contacted about stolen bloggers’ or deviantART users’ images being used in the Etsy listings, the images were promptly replaced with different stolen images, and I commented to Ana again that the whole mess was fishy. I also commented that I still would not be buying from Caustic Cadets regardless, as I am convinced that the neon eyeshadows on their Facebook page were made with soap dye.

When I made that comment to Ana, this Facebook post was still there. I had checked their Facebook page yesterday to see if they were going to post updates about the glow/UV cosmetic removals or sudden hiatus.

Today, it’s been deleted from Facebook.

I know I’m a cynic, but why would you delete an 8 month old post about a giveaway drawing from your Facebook page, other than to try to hide your tracks and cover your butt while it’s under fire?

Again, I encourage everyone to do their research, and look for reviews on companies before you buy from them. There are lots of amazing, honest, helpful people making indie makeup right now, and it’s awesome. Unfortunately, there are also some dishonest, greedy people doing it with little care of the repercussions, and they don’t deserve your money.


~ by shatteredshards on February 10, 2011.

4 Responses to “AKA What the Crap?”

  1. I sent her a message on Etsy & told her I wanted to purchase the UV neon eyeshadows and she responded:

    “Hi there! Unfortunately, per a mistake completely of my own accord, I provided false safety information about the neon eyeshadows; I did not do enough, thorough, research regarding these products and have come to find, just in the past few weeks, that they are NOT approved for use around the eyes WHAT-SO-EVER.
    That being said, Etsy is currently, and has for some time, the only venue I sell my products on. I stopped maintaining the website completely (causticcadets.mybisi.com) a couple months ago, and it has been set on a hiatus until further notice.”

    I then replied: “Why all of a sudden are you just now removing your other sites?”

    She replied: “As I said before, I have not been maintaining any of my other sites (the online store, my facebook page.. etc. etc.) in an effort to focus on Etsy completely; & honestly, those other sites completely slipped my mind. Due to some shameful acts on my behalf (selling the neon eyeshadows with less-than-reliable safety information), a blogger was so kind as to refer me to posts made about it, & when I scoured the internet to see if there were any others, it dawned on me that those products were still seemingly available for sale, and i did not want it to appear as if I was still making those products. I do not plan to make much of an effort, atleast for the time being, to maintain my fan page or the online store, so instead of just removing the products I have placed the sites, as a whole, on hiatus. I hope that makes sense.

    Thank you, & much love

    • Thank you for the information!

      It still seems fishy to me that this internet scouring of hers didn’t occur until after Ana had approved my comment about it, which of course, was quite some time (possibly even days) after she was informed by Ana that she was wrong in selling them. And of course, it’s also fishy to me that she didn’t touch the Facebook, again, until hours after the shops were put on hiatus.

      I understand the purpose behind going on hiatus; I just don’t understand how you could completely forget where you’re selling your product.

  2. I don’t think she “forgot” as much as she neglected to put an effort into either of those other sites. I had been keeping an eye on her webstore and facebook fan page ever since you mentioned her on your bad Etsy black list, and her webstore still had preemptive black friday sales on the main page, and her facebook was last updated months before that.
    I will say, though, that I think that was a bit irresponsible on her part. Sure, once the sh*t hit the fan and she realized that she was selling products that could potentially harm people, she took them down from everywhere.. but why not as soon as she found out? Someone could have still purchased those neons on her webstore, even after she took them down from Etsy, even if she wasn’t intentionally keeping them there under the radar.

    It’s nice to see that she is doing what she can to attempt to redeem herself, but like myself, a lot of people are still going to be wary of buying anything from her when she sped out of the gates flinging bad blood.
    I’m interested in seeing how this goes. She has a lot of really cool colors I’d consider trying out (I probably spent atleast an hour cross referencing her colors with wholesale micas and, so far, haven’t seen anything screaming “repackaged!”), but I think i’ll wait for some reliable reviewers on her stuff before I chance it.

    • You’re very right; it could be a lot of crap coincidence and negligence. But even though she’s trying to “fix” things now, doing things like stealing photos from bloggers, when they weren’t even of her own products, and then trying to pass them off as her product photos? That’s just common sense, decent person, honesty stuff.

      I haven’t seen reliable reviews, either; the people I’ve seen singing praises wouldn’t know repack if it hit them upside the head.

      On that note, I know that at least some of the colors on the non-Etsy store were Photoshopped from one or two photos instead of photos being taken of each color. I’d have to take a look again when she opens back up, but Photoshopped swatches don’t instill confidence.

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