Nail of the Week


Two coats of Avon Nailwear Pro Splendid Blue. This color came out before the holidays and, I’m pretty sure, was a seasonal shade, so I’m not sure if you can still get it.

The shade itself is amazing. It has a lot of fine glitter, but the base is pretty opaque, maybe slightly jelly, and so it ends up looking like it has a lot of dimension rather than just being a glitterbomb (and it’s even smooth without a top coat). I honestly cannot think of a dupe for this color, drugstore or salon.

The formula, however, leaves something to be desired. Coverage is almost perfect in one coat, so you end up glopping a thick coat on, or you do two coats and it almost feels like too much. Not so bad, except it doesn’t want to seem to set at two coats. Funny enough, I went entirely Avon for this mani: Nail Experts Adhesive Base Coat (sidenote: I do think CND Stickey is better), two coats of enamel, then Nail Experts UV Gloss Guard top coat. I spaced this all out over 3 hours, and I sat here afraid to bump a nail on anything, knowing it would nick an hour after I had done the top coat. Two hours after, it was still easy to tell it hadn’t set.

I know they say that it can take up to 12 hours for polish to fully set, but I used the same base and top coat with my last two manis. I used LA Splash polishes for those, same number of coats in about the same amount of time, if not less, and they were set by an hour after the top coat. I actually tried to nick a nail last week to see if it was set, and was a little surprised to see it was. I went to bed and woke up the next day expecting to see sheet prints (yes, I do my nails the night before and clean up the next morning!) and was actually shocked to not find them, as I have done my nails in the morning and still managed to get sheet prints that night.

It’s not just this color; I seem to have this problem with the “new” (rectangular bottle) Nailwear Pro formula. It’s a shame, too, because I have a few awesome, unique glitters, similar to this in style, but I use them a lot less than I would like to because I don’t have 15 hours to devote to a mani. Heck, I’ve even tried doing the base and first color coat at night before going to bed, and then doing the second color and top coats the next day and still had problems with it setting. Avon, if you’re listening, please look into your formula!

Stay tuned: my Cake review is coming tomorrow!


~ by shatteredshards on February 16, 2011.

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