Announcement: Giveaways

The good: the Green Giveaway is still open for one more week! (Please click here for details.)

The bad: while I keep one entry per email and one entry per IP address restrictions in place on my giveaways to keep people from entering multiple times and being unfair, I found someone using slightly different names, emails, and IPs to enter multiple times in the last few days.

The ugly: while I dismissed this initially as possible relatives (like sisters) entering, I’ve gathered enough proof (thank you, Google) to remove any reasonable doubt, forcing my hand.

I like to keep requirements for my giveaways as minimal as possible. I don’t make anyone follow the blog, I don’t make anyone tweet or post on Facebook. I have fun gathering up little things to give away. I don’t enjoy making people jump through hoops; I enjoy sharing and putting a smile on someone’s face. (I also enjoy sending things through the postal service, for reasons unknown to me.)

When someone gets greedy and enters a contest under multiple email addresses, IP addresses, or altered/fake names, to seem like they’re different people, it hurts the other people entering the giveaway, who have put in their one entry and walked away, leaving others a fair chance. In this instance, it increased the person’s odds of winning from 29% to 75%, while simultaneously decreasing everyone else’s odds to 25%.

I don’t wish to add further requirements to my giveaways, but from here on out I am very specifically stating one entry per person. No exceptions. If someone is found to be breaking this rule, all of their entries will be disqualified for that giveaway. If someone is found to break that rule a second time, that person will be automatically disqualified from all of my giveaways (in other words, banned).

To the person whom I found abusing the system: your first entry will be honored, but all others are disqualified, including the new entry you added today, after I updated the rules. This is your only free pass; if you continue to submit entries, or you attempt this on one of my future giveaways, you will be entirely, completely disqualified from any and all giveaways I host.


~ by shatteredshards on February 18, 2011.

2 Responses to “Announcement: Giveaways”

  1. Come on, people. Really.

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