I Asked…I Answered: Week 7

When did you start using or taking interest in the beauty products/techniques you blog about? Was there a particular person, thing, or event that sparked your interest?

Growing up, my mom actually limited my exposure to makeup and such; I was allowed to use concealer and wear mascara (for special occasions only) at 13, and was given permission to try coloring my hair at 17. To her dismay, I haven’t stopped coloring it since; yes, it’s been that long since my hair was its natural blonde. I didn’t start trying eyeshadow until I was 18, almost 19 (I believe I graduated high school prior to trying it), and foundation came when I was about 20. I didn’t start using foundation on a daily basis until I was about 22-23, I think.

My mom was less restricting with nail polish, so I remember having a few bottles of my own by middle school (in particular, I remember having some Wet ‘n Wild and CoverGirl Crackle). However, I didn’t take nearly as big of an interest in it then as I have over the last couple years.

I really picked up interest in eye makeup, mostly shadow, somewhere around 20-22. Through the internet I became very aware that 1) there was a lot more out there than what I saw in the store, and 2) there was a lot of bright, colorful stuff available. I started off buying MAC pigment samples through eBay (oh, the days when there were reputable sellers who sold authentic product), and then I came across Aromaleigh and was pretty blown away by the selection. Regretably, I didn’t focus on learning technique as much as I should have back then, and didn’t use what I was buying to its full potential; a lot of my early purchases (which included Aromaleigh) were given away to my sister, because my lack of skill (and knowledge about shadow base) made me think the products didn’t work so good.


~ by shatteredshards on February 18, 2011.

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