I Asked…I Answered: Week 8

What things have you learned from your readers? Have they taught you any mottos/skills that you apply to your life outside of blogging?

I’ve learned that I need to think about something before I say it. Not that I shot my mouth off all the time before, but the things that happened in the past year and comments from others showed me that it pays off to put more effort into doing it. Now I’ll draft my comment before I leave it, or even not click “post” and just hit the back button when I realize I’m heated about the topic.

Of course, that’s had an impact on my internet socializing as a whole, as well as in real life, where I tend to be even more upfront than I am online (I am stubborn and I won’t bite my tongue, I admit it).


~ by shatteredshards on February 22, 2011.

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