Nail of the Week


Two coats of China Glaze Virtual Violet. There’s a bit of an uproar over the Tronica collection looking like underwhelming dupes to the OMG collection, and while most of the shades are eerily close, I can tell you that 1) the holo type is different enough for me to want some of the colors in Tronica that I didn’t care for in OMG, and 2) pictures aren’t doing the collection justice. A lot of what I’m seeing makes the holo glitter look like straight silver, when in actuality it’s a scatter field sort of holo (versus OMG’s linear holo), if that makes sense.

I actually borrowed this color from my sister. She was showing me comparison swatches from bloggers, and Tronica looked dull next to OMG. But then I asked to borrow something from her polish stash, and found out she had half of the collection; she hasn’t even used this color yet. I had to text her as I was doing my nails to assure her that it was way better than the photos, and even how it looked in the bottle, based on just the first coat. The second coat evened it out (if you have skills, there’s a good chance you can do fine with one coat, the formula’s that good), and the top coat made the color a little richer. I fully plan on borrowing this again in the future as well as some others from this collection, and I’m pretty sure I need to buy Techno Teal; my sister has it and it looks amazing.

On another note, I’ve updated my blog sale with a bunch of new stuff, including some MAC. Please click here to check it out.


~ by shatteredshards on March 3, 2011.

One Response to “Nail of the Week”

  1. *dies* That shade of purple is my favorite color in the entire world.

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