Re: Orglamix

Many of you have probably heard by now that Orglamix is the most recent “indie” makeup company to go under fire. I’m not going to go into specifics, because so many other bloggers have written informative posts on the matter, which I will be linking to in just a moment.

What I do want to say is that since Saturday evening (the last 26 hours or so), I’ve been making screencap after screencap of the Orglamix Facebook page. I had heard that pretty much anything Cheri, the owner of Orglamix, doesn’t like is being deleted, and from what I’ve seen, it’s true; I watched stuff get deleted last night, my own comments included. She’s allegedly out of town or something this weekend but will be “back in the office” tomorrow, so I’ve documented what I could. I make no bones about saying that I honestly believe a majority of what I’ve screencapped today will be deleted tomorrow.

I am uploading the screencaps to flickr as I prep them, which includes removing identifying information. You can find the flickr set here. Please feel free to share the screencaps or include them in your own blogs; all I ask is that you link back to the set, so that others may see the entire pile of them that I’ve made. And yes, I’m going to keep adding more when I can grab them.

Edit: Any comments I left on the Facebook page are now gone and I’ve been banned. Of course, I haven’t received any response to the concerns I commented with. I will start making notes on my screencaps to about which comments are mine, providing another example of Cheri’s questionable behavior.

Edit #2, 1:21am 03/08/11: If you still have any doubts as to Cheri’s behavior or business practices, I made screencaps of her flipping out on someone on Facebook just a couple hours ago, followed by her claiming to have never received a complaint, and then followed by her denying responsibility for sharing that one customer’s private info with uninvolved people. If you click here, it will take you to the first screencap in the sequence.

Recommended reading on the Orglamix mess is as follows:
Color Me Obsessed
The Eyes Have It (second post here)
(not) Making It Up (second post here)


~ by shatteredshards on March 6, 2011.

18 Responses to “Re: Orglamix”

  1. I just wanted to let you know that I don’t mind if you share my name. I was Amanda Shoemaker on facebook. If it’s less hassle for you.

    I hope this Orglamix BS gets cleared up soon. I’m really tired of Cheri.

    • Aha! I’m censoring pretty much everyone that isn’t Cheri, just to be safe ’cause I didn’t want to miss one person and then get chewed out by that one person.

      The screencaps I’ve nabbed in the last couple hours really make me wonder about how much longer this will go on. After all, Glittersniffer STILL isn’t shut down, and look at what a mess that’s been!

      On a sidenote, I’m sorry I didn’t approve your comment sooner; it somehow got flagged as spam!

  2. I have other examples of photoshopped listings here:

  3. Using TinEye on most of her images has been quite revealing.

  4. I am also screencapping. Your Flickr is both astonishingly comprehensive and awfully depressing.

  5. I have a flickr set here:


    Although I think anything said on the internet is public, so I haven’t blocked out personal information; I mean, if they hadn’t been deleted by Cheri we could all still see who posted what. There are also screencaps of multiple negative Etsy reviews, and some that were rated neutral from customers who had obviously had negative experiences.

  6. Hmmm… Orglamix on Etsy “on vacation”… any info on this?

    • Apparently there was a death in the family of one of Cheri’s friends 3 weeks ago – she posted something on the Facebook about it, and shortly thereafter the Etsy shop was put into vacation mode. The thing is, she’s pretty much been ignoring customer messages, the Facebook page, etc since then, and doesn’t seem to have been working on pending orders at all.

  7. Hi there!
    I’m shocked I didn’t come across your post before now… Whoops!
    If you’d like to use my name, I’m Amanda Ruth- so yeah… You don’t have to refer to me as “The Eyes Have It All”!

    It seems she’s closed everything up- Etsy, her blog is gone… Makes one wonder huh?! I’m really sorry you were banned by her- it shows a maturity level of a middle schooler, doesn’t it?!

    Though tonight, I did find that sells her products still, under the Orglamix name. Wonder how long that will continue?

    • Hah, no worries! I know that only a few days ago it got spotted by people on facebook.

      From what I understand, she didn’t close Etsy – they shut it down on her! She was suspended for failing to respond to disputes, and then when she didn’t respond to the suspension within a week they closed her shop entirely.

      • I’m glad she’s off Etsy!

        I mean, I feel bad in a way because if she needed that shop to feed her family, well…. She should have been hand making the product, not reselling. So I don’t really feel so bad at all.

        And good for Etsy- they’re caught up in this too because they fail to get the dishonest sellers off the site- my feeling is that the resellers bring in too much money for them they otherwise wouldn’t make, which is a damn shame.

        I guess I find it funny that she’s attempting to erase all trails of herself online- so I’m curious to know how and when she’ll pop up next. I’m waiting for the FB page to go “POOF” without an explanation.

    • Looks like Apricot’s isn’t selling Orglamix anymore! :) They have Flourish now which is a different Etsy company I love :)

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