Update: Ruthless Cosmetics

I am putting out a blatant do not buy warning on this company now.

A few bloggers have spoken about the repackaging issues, and then the following Facebook harassment. Now it turns out that the owner(s) mistook ndrcvrngl of (not) Making It Up for one of the other bloggers and insulted her on Facebook, too!

“Hey girl I love your blog its so funny we laughed our a** off… you and your 15 followers… wow what a loser…. thanks for the laugh you stupid C***…”

You can find the uncensored screencap at ndrcvrngl’s blog.

And if that didn’t make your blood boil, this “owner” has continued to harass and insult ndrcvrngl. Seriously’s posting the caps on her blog as she gets them.


~ by shatteredshards on March 11, 2011.

8 Responses to “Update: Ruthless Cosmetics”

  1. Wow, I am kind of sad to hear that, I have placed 3 orders with them and have had nothing but great service. wonder whats going on

    • I don’t know, but their email’s been full so contact attempts bounce back, someone contacted me last weekend to say they had to file a PayPal dispute to get their money back because their purchase never showed up, and I tried contacting them almost 2 weeks ago via their YouTube page and they haven’t responded.

      Bad, bad signs.

      • Bad business for sure! Guess what…they responded to me today after I have written that I am going to report them to BBB. They need to be investigated for their actions. This is why people are having to ask for refunds and paypal has shut them down. They have opened another accout to take orders right now. You would think that with this much negative press behind you someone would make a positive change. I can’t believe it …..

    • I placed an order on the March 20 2011 and I haven’t received any type of tracking info nor have I received my product yet.. I hope this is not a bad sign..

      • I would say give it one more week to see if you hear anything. Also, see if you can get an email to go through. If you don’t hear anything from them by say, April 4th, start a dispute with PayPal and say that you haven’t heard anything (and that either your email attempt went ignored or it bounced) and that you’re seeing similar complaints from other people, or contact your bank or credit card company and ask to do a chargeback, explaining the same thing.

        There is a time limit on how long you have to do a chargeback or a PayPal dispute. I’ve had to do a chargeback on a company that went under and ripped off a ton of customers myself, so I fully recommend giving another week and a half maximum before starting the process.

      • Yes hunny, it is.. Let’s just be honest.

    • I recently placed an order and the shipment never arrived over a 3 week period so I contacted the company numerous times and Rosalind, one of the owners lied to me saying that she was sending out my order along with some free goodies for my troubles and frsutrations with them.. Guess what, it never came. I then wrote a few more times and it wasn’t until I went directly to the website and left a message on the number listed and send a message to the email address listed that she responded. She sent a short (no explanation on why she lied) saying that she was refunding my money. I was very upset. The company and the owners are not only unprofessional but they lie. They claim to be having serious issues with their paypal accounts…hmmm..wonder why! Probably a bunch of disputes I would imagine. Either way, consumers that are having a BAD experience need to be open and let others know because this isn’t just one isolated incident. It is happening A LOT and these ladies either need to close their business or get new management that understand how to provide good customer service and be trustworthy as well.

      They also made comments about me on facebook but was careful not to directly use my name….It would take a rocket scientist not to know who they were referring to…and then they still have ALL of their promoters telling people to BUY… WOW… SAD!!

  2. I’ve been trying to contact them as well. But I see now I will have to file a dispute with Pay pal and also contact the BBB. Who runs a business like that. Im sure they want be glad to know that the BBB will be investigating..

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