Nail of the Week


This is three coats of Ulta Salon Formula Peach Parfait, topped with Sinful Colors Smoking Hot.

Peach Parfait’s formula stinks. I did those three coats and still have streaks and VNL. I’m not sure how much a white base coat would even help, with how bad the streakiness is. It’s unfortunate, because it was such an unusual purchase for me. I tend to stay away from pinks and peaches (the only other one I have is OPI Princesses Rule!, and I’ve put that up for sale), but I kind of like this color, even though it’s a creme (remember how I don’t like cremes!) and here it turns out to be crappy application. Grrr.

On the other hand, Smoking Hot is one of my favorite topping colors. It’s just iridescent glitter that flashes orange, gold and green, so it looks good with lots of things, and the formula’s pretty cooperative; it dries quickly and one coat goes on even across the whole hand. Additionally, because the glitter is pretty fine and isn’t too dense, you can almost get away with not adding a top coat over it.

As usual, my blog sale’s been updated again. I added my copy of Making Faces, if you haven’t looked in the last couple days, as well as a tube of Sobe’s Primed & Proper eyeshadow primer and a whole bunch of nail polish.


~ by shatteredshards on March 23, 2011.

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