Light Posting for Awhile

Things are getting a bit crazy around here – we’re having our main floor bathroom remodeled starting today, my parents are going out of town next weekend so I’ll be staying at their house to kittysit the little monsters (well, Buddy and Keek are old men, but Zoe’s a cute little ball of terror), and some other stuff. I’m still going to be around the beauty blogging corner of the net, but I’ll probably only be updating a couple times a week at most, more than likely to post the NOTWs and old EOTDs I have semi-queued.

When things settle down, then I’ll be updating more. And believe me, I have a good handful of reviews to write and prep over the next couple weeks!

(And yes, I realize it’s April 1st, but no pranks here, this is a true heads up!)


~ by shatteredshards on April 1, 2011.

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