Delayed Reactions: Ruthless Cosmetics

So, a month after the dirt on Ruthless Cosmetics came to light, suddenly they’re alive and kicking again.

I guess one of the first matters of business was to send me a threat to take down my YouTube video talking about all of the complaints I had seen and received, or face their legal council.

I’m not going to share the threats I’m receiving, not at this time, at least, but know that I am archiving them. Also know that I won’t be bullied into removing a review of a company or a video about a company, especially not on the basis that said company receives threats from customers and so their behavior is justified.

dared to go public


~ by shatteredshards on April 9, 2011.

6 Responses to “Delayed Reactions: Ruthless Cosmetics”

  1. I don’t understand why so many companies seem to think threatening will fix anything. I know it’s hard to do, but if they tried to be polite about it, I think it would be more helpful and possibly keep customers.

    • I think she keeps saying she’s going to send her “legal team” after me if I don’t stop talking about it because she thinks it will scare me into shutting up, or I’ll get so sick of the drama that I’ll shut up. I don’t work that way, though; I’m very stubborn and this sort of thing just makes me more adamant about speaking up.

      This is, of course, only one of the many comments and messages I’ve received in the last 24 hours. Some of them are so ridiculous in accusation that I honestly think it’s all just an effort to try to get in my head, get me worked up, and get me to back off.

  2. she’s full of shit this Rosalind Duran Turner.
    I was shocked by what she’s been saying and bullying people on youtube.
    I will def report her as she has terrible management skills.

    Beware! I found some information online that they are teaming up with RUTHLESS, the tattoo artist (form LA ink)
    what a scam!!!! what the hell is that Ruthless girl getting herself into? (check her facebook page) Ruthless Cosmetics is a SCAM AND UP TO NO GOOD!!!!

  3. Well I didn’t receive any threats but I do know their customer service is bullshit I order the 3 palette paintwheel and the barbie pink lipstick on feb 18th 2011 and now where in april I still haven’t gotten my items as of yet I left emails after emails left messages after messages until finally Roslaind called me on the 29th of march and said to me ” the items I ordered where returned because the package was damage” which was on the 29th of march today has made 2 weeks which I called her from the same number she said I could call from yesterday and some chick picked up and said wrong number guess what God don’t like ugly

  4. I have a current claim in Paypal against Ruthless Cosmetics.
    I ordered a traincase on March 18th. They sent me a USPS tracking number on March 25th with no activity on it.
    As of today, April 21st, I have not received my order and there is still no activity on the tracking number.
    I wrote to Ruthless Cosmetics twice before filing my claim with Paypal. No response to either e-mail – no surprise.
    I should have researched Ruthless Cosmetics before placing my order. I’m sure I’ll never see the merchandise or my $31.95 at this point. When I checked today, their website has a banner saying they’re, “Down for a short while, but we’ll be back soon”. I highly doubt that.


    Susan Whitten
    Minneapolis, Minnesota

    • You’ve already opened a PayPal claim against them, which is good! I have heard of other people getting their money back after opening a claim against Ruthless, so hopefully it will pan out in your favor at the end of the 10 days (or whatever timeframe PayPal uses now).

      I wish you all the best of luck in getting a refund, Susan, because I seriously doubt you’ll get your purchase, much less an apology, from those girls.

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