Nail of the Week


This time it’s three coats of Sally Hansen HD in 14 Spectrum. If you’re a fan of jelly polishes, then you can rock two coats of this fine; just make sure your strokes are even. I, however, was hoping for something more opaque when I bought this awhile back, so I went with three.

The unfortunate disappointment with this polish is that the lovely purple duochrome you catch in the bottle is hardly ever visible once it goes on your nails! The lighting has to be just right (hint; if sunlight’s involved, you won’t see it), the angle just right, it’s annoyingly finicky. However, the formula is okay (it’s on the quicker end of the drying spectrum in my collection), and then the texture. Oh, the texture.

This thing is a glitterbomb, yes, but it’s so smooth and glossy that you don’t even need a topcoat. In fact, I added mine, solely for longevity, after taking the photo.

Ontop of that, the glitter is that natural glitter, calcium sodium borosilicate, instead of plastic/polyester, so close-up it looks like tiny glass flecks, and from far away it gives the polish this amazing metallic look.

The HD collection is very hit-miss, but even though I didn’t want a jelly polish, I like this one!

Edit: 12:17am CDT, April 17

04/16/11 tipwear

Forget what I said about the formula. This is the tipwear on my non-dominant hand in less than 24 hours. In fact, I took this photo some 8 hours ago, so it looks even worse now. Zoya’s Midori that I wore last week looked better than this towards the end of the manicure, and I did indeed have it on for a week!


~ by shatteredshards on April 16, 2011.

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