Ruthless Cosmetics has Internet Lawyers

Or so they claimed.

first time


second time

third time

asking for my info again

fourth time

And even through relatives.

fifth time, via Pamela, their mom/aunt

Not that the fact that they can’t even keep their story straight – Ruthless says they have a “legal team” and “reps” while Pamela says they have a single corporate lawyer – wasn’t a big tipoff that they were lying, but I digress. Before I went to bed that night, they had my info.

info removed for my safety

Now it’s May 13th, a full month later, and I still haven’t heard anything from a legal team, lawyer, attourney, or imaginary legal person. Not one word. It probably would have helped if they actually had a legal team to threaten me with.

In other news, for those of you wondering about the fake facebook accounts that were claiming to be me and harassing people? Turns out Trayce DeMarco, one of Ruthless’ owners, blabbed that she created them; I received the confirmation from someone who used to work with Ruthless.


~ by shatteredshards on May 13, 2011.

5 Responses to “Ruthless Cosmetics has Internet Lawyers”

  1. wow. That’s some serious dumbassery.

  2. Well, nearly three months later, Paypal sent me a resolution. My claim against Ruthless was resolved in my favor and they said they’d withdraw a refund from Ruthless’s account. We’ll see if that happens – I’m not counting on it.
    Why this company and it’s owners continue to just get a hand slap is beyond me.

  3. “Learn how to read”?! WTH? I am just really confused by what kind of logical thought process could possibly lead her to legitimately believe that she has the “right” to demand that you not respond to her *public* comments, when she’s the one that came onto *your* video channel to *publicly* post on *your* video…?? <:-S
    Sounds like *someone* needs classes in logic & netiquette 101. @_@

    • And you have to figure, since she’s Trayce’s mom, she’s gotta be at least 50 years old, and that’s how she acts. I ended up banning her from my channel because I got sick of her trying to start crap.

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