Best Laid Plans

While I have every intention of getting back to some sort of regular posting schedule, I have to take a full-on hiatus for a short time.

Long story short, I am having an emergency tooth extraction this morning. I have no idea how much pain I will be in, or how coherent I will be with the various medications (I’ve never had an extraction, and I’ve certainly never had Vicodin), and my desktop is not compatible with my plans to stay in bed for the next couple days.

Have a good weekend, everyone – somehow I don’t think I will!

Edit: turns out I reacted pretty badly to the Vicodin and was sick all morning, sweating, freezing, and shaking, and wound up dehydrated ontop of that. My extraction’s been postponed until Tuesday, but I’ll probably just take the next week or so off.

On the upside, I swear I have another little giveaway planned! Details will be posted within the next couple weeks, so keep your eyes open!


~ by shatteredshards on May 20, 2011.

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