Orglamix: Ignoring the Problem

Lately there’s been some confusion in regards to Orglamix continuing to promote their company, even though Etsy deleted their store/account in April and they’ve been on what was supposed to be a 2-3 week hiatus since mid-March.

It turns out that Orglamix’s PR is still speaking with bloggers about sponsering giveaways and sending free products for review, as if everything is business as usual, and telling bloggers that the new website will be opening soon. In many cases these bloggers don’t have a clue what’s been going on with the company, and how convenient for Orglamix; it lets them extend their customer base to replace all the customers they’ve lost due to running their business inappropriately.

Some of you may remember the Kelly who contacted Phyrra in February about doing a review without looking at Phyrra’s blog for 5 seconds to see that Phyrra had already put Orglamix on her avoid list and had even been harassed by Cheri, the owner of Orglamix. Yep, it’s that Kelly who’s been setting up the recent reviews and giveaways.

It’s possible that Orglamix’s PR is unaware that Cheri took money from so many people without delivering the orders, only delivering partial orders, substituting products without customer knowledge or consent, and basically scamming people. But, in my opinion, that’s a longshot, especially when you consider how much negative feedback came in through the Orglamix facebook page, through Etsy’s transaction feedback, through the numerous bloggers writting about the issue and through the facebook page specifically set up to discuss Orglamix as a fraud. It’s the job of a PR person or firm to know what’s going on with the person or company they represent, to be aware of “word on the street,” et cetera. If Kelly, and whoever else Cheri may have working for her, is truly ignorant to Cheri’s operation of her sham of a business, then I would say they are just as much of a con artist as Cheri is because they obviously aren’t capable of doing their job if that’s the case.


~ by shatteredshards on May 26, 2011.

3 Responses to “Orglamix: Ignoring the Problem”

  1. It never ends.


  2. Ugh that’s disgusting, I just assumed they’d disappeared (hopefully for good). If Kelly doesn’t know what Orglamix has done in the past, she must be blind.

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