Review: Fyrinnae Cosmetics

Before Ordering: Fyrinnae is another company that I had heard good reviews for and had been contemplating an order for some time. After Ana of Lipsticks & Lightsabers posted a bunch of swatches, I decided to finally place an order.

What I Ordered: Samples of the following eyeshadows: Boytoy, Dark Fantasy (Arcane Magic), French Vanilla Shake, Freya, Hypercool, Japan, Moon Child (Professional Colours), Robot Takeover, Sennyo, and Visage. I also ordered samples of Pixie Epoxy and Velvet-Gel Silica Primer (Dry Skin version).

Shipping Time: I placed my order on January 1st, received a shipping notice on January 12th, and it arrived on January 16th. Fyrinnae did take an announced break during this time to take care of business/tax issues, and considering I placed my order over a holiday weekend, I think it to be a pretty average timeframe.

Packaging: Fyrinnae sells their samples in jars, which were wrapped in tissue paper, then put inside a bag, then wrapped in a piece of corrugated paper, and then placed inside a white plastic bubble mailer. I have never seen such a carefully-packed bubble mailer, and was very impressed. The two gel samples – Pixie Epoxy and Silica Primer – also had the lids of their jars taped down, and were in slightly different jars than the eyeshadows.

A copy of the invoice was included, which had a hand-written thank you on it, as well as free samples of Digital Faerie and Otherworld eyeshadows.

Ingredients: Ingredients are listed on the category pages with base incredients first and “may contains” following, or on the individual product pages for items like primers. They are not listed on the sample jars.

The Product:

Fyrinnae Cosmetics (natural light)

Fyrinnae Cosmetics (artificial light)

Fyrinnae Cosmetics (flash)

All of the eyeshadow samples are 1/4tsp, except for the Arcane Magic line, which is 1/8tsp, and the free samples (again, 1/8tsp). Samples are $1.75 USD, so this is more than reasonable for the amount you’re getting.

The eyeshadow samples come in standard 5g jars, which are labeled on the bottom with “sample,” the shade name, if they belong to a special collection (like Professional Colours or Arcane Magic), and the website address. The primer samples came in little jars that are a different kind of plastic and are pastel colored; very cute. They are filled to the brim and are enough for at least a few uses.

The eyeshadows were very fun to swatch; a couple colors came out as pleasant surprises. They feel smooth and seem to blend well. I have yet to use the Pixie Epoxy or Silica Primer, but plan to write a separate review for the Pixie Epoxy, and may write one for the Silica Primer as well.

My only complaint is that I wish there was at least the option to order samples in baggies instead of jars, because I prefer baggies for storage and organization purposes. If I can find small baggies, I will be transferring my samples.

Customer Service: I had no need to contact Fyrinnae for any issues, but what a stellar packing job, and the free samples are definately colors I like. I have heard that the guys like to look at your orders and pick out samples that you will probably like, as opposed to giving, say, a bright pink sample to someone who orders all greens a greys.

Final Thoughts:

  • Was I happy with my purchase? Very.
  • Would I order from Fyrinnae again? I’ve already started planning my next order.
  • Rating? 5 out of 5 stars.

~ by shatteredshards on January 20, 2010.

6 Responses to “Review: Fyrinnae Cosmetics”

  1. […] are so many wonderful reviews about that I’m just here to show some after photos of their products. […]

  2. I saw that Fyrinnae’s website is closed at this time due to site maintenance. I was wondering if you had their email or number so that those who still want to order during this time, can. Thanks for the review!

    • I am sorry, but I really can’t help you with that. Their site is closed right now because they are doing some product updates and such, and when their site is closed temporarily, it really means ordering is closed; to my knowledge there is no emailing them or calling them to place an order, because they have closed the site temporarily to keep orders from coming in while they do whatever updates they need to do.

  3. hi! i just came across your site and fyrinnae reviews and i’d just like to add that fyrinnae has awesome customer service. they never ship out later than the date stated on their website, often much earlier and they do a great job of picking freebie eyeshadows that i like! i had an order lost before due to my forgetting to put my apt number in the shipping address, and they re-shipped to me completely free when they got my package returned, even though i offered to pay for the reship postage. they’re just awesome.

  4. I really love Fyrinnae. If anything, I think they set the standard for eyeshadow complexity and their service is wonderful. I appreciate this review- I didn’t realize they hand picked samples on preferences, I just assumed they tossed them in. Now I love Fyrinnae even more. :)

  5. I don’t mean to spam, but that’s me above and my new blog info is in this comment, thought I’d share. I didn’t realize my old info was input automatically. Thanks!

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