Review: Mixology Makeup

Before Ordering: I first came across Mixology on Etsy late last year, in the fall. I decided to finally order when I realized that I wasn’t seeing many reviews for them; reviews are good!

What I Ordered: A “review kit” with 5 clamshell samples of my choice (White Girl and Normal Girl foundations, Mermaid, Sour, and Turbulence eyeshadows), 5 smaller Haiti Relief samples (Asteroid, Bones, Fringe, Iris, and Surfer eyeshadows), and a mini Secret Shadow (limited edition mystery shadow) in purple.

Shipping Time: I placed my order on January 18th, received a shipping notice on January 19th, and received the actual package on January 22nd. This was on First Class shipping from another timezone – very quick!

Packaging: My order was placed in a small baggie and sent in a bubble mailer, along with a handwritten thank you note and a couple business cards, but no copy of the invoice. Free samples of a new eyeshadow named Shiver and an unreleased eye primer (read the review here) were also included.

Ingredients: For the Etsy shop, generally ingredients are listed in the “materials” section. I wasn’t able to find ingredients consistently on the website – a foundation shade would have them listed, while an eyeshadow (or three) would not.

The Product:

Mixology (flash)

Mixology (artificial light)

The shadows went on smooth and seemed to blend well. They also wore pretty well; no creasing, but a small amount of fading by the end of the day. I originally created an EOTD with Surfer and my mystery shadow on my lids, and Iris as a liner, but none of the photos turned out because I was in a hurry when I took them.

The foundations unfortunately did not work for me – they seem to have more of a yellow undertone, like the Bare Escentuals line, and I need to use a color with no real undertones or a very well-created neutral. Believe it or not, the Normal Girl shade turned my cheek orange, which is too bad because the foundations seem to have a pretty solid formula with blendability, ease of application, etc (my normal foundation actually has silica in it, which is what I compare against).

Customer Service: When I ordered the review kit, it was necessary to provide a link to my blog to verify, as the kit was specially priced for beauty bloggers/gerus to review or make tutorials with. Rae, the owner, convoed me on Etsy to ask for it shortly after I placed my order, and then convoed again to let me know she spotted the link on one of the invoices and to thank me.

Final Thoughts:

  • Was I happy with my purchase? Yes.
  • Would I order from Mixology again? Possibly – I prefer bright colors, so it’s dependant on that.
  • Rating? 4.5 out of 5 stars.

~ by shatteredshards on February 14, 2010.

10 Responses to “Review: Mixology Makeup”

  1. The products look nice enough, but the colours are a bit too muted for my tastes =/

    I’m intrigued by the paste though, it’s up in the shop now!

  2. I haven’t ordered for the same reason, cus I want BRIGHTASFUCK colors. I think it’s really interesting they offer a package for bloggers. I may have to check them out.

  3. I tried them out and wasn’t that impressed. I mean, everything was OKAY but I’d rather buy something AWESOME (if that makes sense?). Plus the colors I ordered were so completely and utterly different from the pics on the website that I thought they send me the wrong ones!! That was about 6 months ago though, so it might have changed.

    • Wow, really? That stinks! All of the ones I ordered came out pretty darn close to what they looked like on my monitor, so about my only issue is I want brighter; if someone is into more muted shades, they would be a good place to check out.

  4. I have been buying things from Mixology for a few months…I guess I’m confused by the idea that they don’t have bright colors…they have LOTS of bright colors…in your face purples, greens, red/maroon, orange, hot pink, black…

    I just got their violet mirage, which the color is really bad on the picture – I think she does need some better pics on the site, better lighting needed. Anyway, this color looks like an opalescent white with a violet sheen to it…and it has this POW wicked electric violet effect on your eyes, it’s awesome!

    Also, keep in mind that she has samples for sale…so if you want to pay minimal $ to try out different colors, that’s the way to go.

    And foiling your shades makes them really stand out on your eyes.

    Her Paste eye primer by the way? Effing awesome. I work at home, so I tried it last night and haven’t washed my makeup off from last night. I put my eyemake up around 5 pm to go out…slept on it, and it’s 1 pm EDT right now and I have not one crease in my shadow, nor any fading. I will never be without that stuff again.

    • I respectfully disagree – in comparison to the companies I prefer to shop with (Aromaleigh, Fyrinnae, Hi-Fi), her color offering is quite limited and quite subdued. Even though I purchased through Etsy, I went to the website to choose colors and had a hard time finding colors I actually liked. Also, in all honesty, I tried to grab some brighter shades with Sour, Mermaid,and Surfer, and I was hoping they’d be brighter than they actually are. Foiling will not make them any brighter, only more opaque and “stronger,” so if they’re dull dry, they will be dull foiled.

      Violet Mirage looks like TKB Trading’s Hilite Violet mica going by the description – precisely why I avoided it. Far too many indie makeup companies repack TKB’s Hilite micas, or add some binders/base, and sell it as their own, and it’s really annoying. (Two companies that do this right off the top of my head are Taylor Made and Pure Luxe.)

      The Paste Primer is great, but the fact that it seeped into my eyes and burned like hell when I used eye makeup remover to take it off has kept me from trying it again.

  5. Also, in regards to the foundation – I have one of hers, and I got the palest shade – I’m pretty pale, normally have to buy the palest shade, and have cool toned skin, so I can’t do yellow bases either. This was too pale for me, so I have mixed it with a mineral bronzer I have that’s doing the trick for me until I can test her other shades out after I use this up. I was stupid and bought a full size before guaranteeing myself the right shade. I will be buying her fair skinned sampler pack next that has like, 5 or 7 shade samples in it so you can find which one is perfect for you (they have this for medium tones and dark tones as well).

    Oh, and her brushes are super awesome too!

    • The two foundations I tried are the next two palest shades if I remember correctly – White Girl is the second palest, and Normal Girl is the third. I won’t buy other colors or other products to mix them when I can buy a single one from another company and have a near-perfect match.

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