Review: e.l.f. Studio brushes

Before Purchase: I had looked at e.l.f. before, but it wasn’t until I read a post by Janet at My Naked Face that I realized they have a pretty nice-looking brush line. I checked the site, and, just my luck, they had a buy one, get one half off coupon code for the weekend.

Price: The Studio line brushes are sold on the website for $3 each (or $5-$8 for the kabuki brushes), but with the coupon code I saved $4.50 on 6 brushes. Even without the coupon code, this is significantly cheaper than brush lines at many other retailers.

Shipping Time: I placed my order on February 13th, received a shipping notice with tracking number on February 18th, and received the actual package on February 25th. A little longer than I would like, but not unreasonable.

Packaging: Each brush was packaged inside a plastic pouch; as I understand it, e.l.f. products can be found at some brick and mortar stores, so this was not surprising. They were placed inside a plastic drawstring bag and sent to me via bubble mailer with a copy of the invoice.

Ingredients: The Studio line brushes are all takalon, a synthetic fiber, with black-painted wood handles and metal ferrules. I chose to purchase brushes exclusively from the Studio line because they are synthetic.

The Product:

e.l.f. (02/13/10)

Small Angled Brush: the bristles are slightly longer than I expected, but otherwise the size is pretty close to MAC’s 208 brush. The 208 is my liner brush of choice, but I think this brush might be taking its spot.

Contour Brush: simply amazing for the crease! I’ve never cared much about my crease, for whatever reason, but this little round dome brush made it incredibly easy to add some shading. A definite keeper.

Fan Brush: I’ve been looking at fan brushes for quite some time, for using to dust off eyeshadow that may fall onto my cheeks during application. Search completed, this does exactly what I need it to do.

Powder Brush: I bought this flat-top brush for the purpose of testing against my kabuki with foundation application. I’m far too used to my kabuki, and all I managed to do was flick a lot of foundation right off of the brush and into the sink. I have a feeling this brush will be given to my sister, because I don’t wear blush, and really do not have use for it.

Concealer Brush: my previous concealer brush, an old mark. one, had taken a bit of a beating; the bristles somehow now form an actual angled tip! Since receiving my order, the e.l.f. brush is the only concealer brush I’ve used.

Small Precision Brush: I bought this little guy for eyeshadow application, wanting a smaller brush for use in the corners of my lids. Another definite keeper, and, in fact, I want to buy a couple more. This brush would also be great for concealer.

My two nitpicks:

  1. The fan brush’s bristles were kind of bent on both sides inside the package, which you can see in the above photo; they have a slight inward curve on the side sections. It bugs me, but does not hinder its use.
  2. The powder brush kept releasing black dye! I washed all brushes prior to use, and, washing the powder brush last, I noticed the suds were pretty obviously grey. I washed the brush two more times with the same result. I washed the brush again after using it, and I saw more dye come out than foundation. I don’t know what’s up with that!

Final Thoughts:

  • Was I happy with my purchase? Yes.
  • Would I purchase more of the e.l.f. Studio brushes? Yes.
  • Rating? 5 out of 5 stars.

Please see my review update, located here for more thoughts.


~ by shatteredshards on March 2, 2010.

5 Responses to “Review: e.l.f. Studio brushes”

  1. Ugh I wish they hadn’t discontinued ELF here in Australia – well at least I assume that’s what they did, since the site was removed last year and I saw everything in a bargain bin at my local drugstore =/

    Hopefully I can find some online store and check out these brushes :) great review!

  2. I’m so glad you liked them too! So far, the brushes are the only thing from e.l.f. that I’ve liked. I wonder how the regular $1 compare to the studio line.

    • I looked at them, but I’ve been trying to avoid buying new animal hair brushes (and I’ve found that synthetic brushes tend to hold more shadow and apply it stronger for me, too).

  3. I don’t feel like ordering off their website, but the stores that carry elf where I live never seem to have any of their brushes… I keep seeing positive reviews of them. elf is so cheap, I love it.

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