Review: The Brush Guard

Before Ordering: I actually don’t remember how I heard of The Brush Guard. I do, however, remember looking up other reviews, both written and YouTube, to figure out if it would be worth it for me to place an order. People were generally singing its praises, so I placed an order at their website.

What I Ordered: Two packs of guards; one shadow/liner pack and one variety pack.

Shipping Time: My order was placed on June 24th and shipped First Class the same day (pack price included shipping). It arrived on June 28th.

Packaging: The guards came in cardstock folders slipped into plastic envelopes, which were shipped inside a plain white mailer.

The Product:

Brush Guard test (start)

Before use. Left to right, my Aromaleigh kabuki, my MAC 217, and my old Sonia Kashuk 04.

Brush Guard test (6mo)

After six months of continuous use.

As you can see, the kabuki and 217 seem to have more compacted brush heads, like when they were first purchased. The errant long hair on the Kashuk also seems a bit more in line. However, my experience is not without problems.

Brush Guard Broke

This is the brush guard that I put on my concealer brush. It started to fray apart rather quickly, from daily use perhaps, and I used the cheapskate fix of melting the plastic with a lighter. I tried to be careful in fixing it, and it still works just fine.

Brush Guard Fail

This is my e.l.f. contour brush, which, like my other brushes, is stored upright in a compartmented cosmetic organizer. Somehow the guard has slipped back down a little bit and forced bristles out the side of the guard. Not a huge deal, except this is impossible to avoid when traveling with brushes or storing them in a bag, and it will mess the brushes up by kinking the bristles outward.

In addition to such technical difficulties, the largest problem seems to be that I just can’t tell what brush I’m grabbing half of the time. Because I have multiple brushes with similar appearances, I either have to fumble to read the side of the brush, or I figure out that I grabbed the wrong one once I slip the guard off.

The kabuki guard is quite useful, and is more convenient than a kabuki case for everyday use (if you have a case, definately use it for travel). On the other hand, I have small liner brushes that the guards have proved to be nearly useless with, because they can be nudged right back down the handle during storage, exposing the brush head (the brown faux line&smudge 44, for example).

Customer Service: I had no need to contact them with concerns or questions, but I did appreciate the fact that my order went out so quickly.

Final Thoughts:

  • Was I happy with my purchase? Somewhat, but definately not as happy as I expected to be.
  • Would I order The Brush Guard products again? If I needed another kabuki guard.
  • Rating? 3 out of 5 stars.

~ by shatteredshards on January 28, 2011.

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